Okuke Mary Marvelous Mudi, testify of GAICAM

I am Okuke Mary Marvelous Mudi, a high school student and a dynamic young Cameroonian who is passionate about becoming a seasoned entrepreneurship and change agent in my community, in a way that it will ensure a satisfactory future for the great continent of Africa.

GAICAM has impacted me in so many ways. It has increased my scope remarkably, and broadened my conceptions to think innovatively. GAICAM has activated my natural endowed skills, and transformed my mindset to a one ready to take necessary action towards my dreams.

GAICAM has made me a role model in my community, and my family has still not recovered from the shock of who I have become today because of GAICAM. This amazing organization has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with creative and innovative personalities, most especially those who have made it and are thriving in their respective fields. I now believe so immensely in the identified potentials in me, and that I can achieve my dreams and do great things.

Africa needs organizations like GAICAM to bring out the best in every youth, and empower them with skills that will enable them contribute to the development and growth of the continent. With GAICAM, the next generation of African leaders is secured. If you hold Africa at heart and is passionate about seeing Africa standing out as an exemplary continent, then I invite you to join others to support GAICAM.

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