Nebongo Agatha Nandoa, testify of GAICAM

I happened to have been looking for an opportunity to get the best and at the right time. All along, I just attended and perhaps managed to score good grades, but I knew deep down in me that I was missing out on something. I wasn’t doing what I desperately needed to and had a burning passion within. I got involved in attending seminars and making the most out of them. When I saw the advert about the third edition of the GAICAM Annual Fellowship on Facebook, I immediately got attracted to the beautiful topics and facilitators who were to be present.
With this, I built so many expectations, one of which was to increase on my communication skills and to learn more about entrepreneurship and leadership. Since the Fellowship was all about Leadership and Entrepreneurship, I carefully followed all the different training sessions, making sure I ask questions when necessary to clarify my doubt and better my understanding.
The skills and knowledge I gather from the Fellowship is priceless and I can proudly say that the Fellowship was a turning point in my life. All of us learnt how to work in groups and share ideas without feeling timid. GAICAM taught us that everyone’s opinion matters and that I can greatly appreciate. I just want to thank the organization for this great opportunity; I am now so different from when I came for the Fellowship. Thank you GAICAM.

Nebongo Agatha nandoa
GAICAM 2018 Fellow

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