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GAICAM -a non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-political organization whose vision is to transform lives and promote social and economic growth across Africa

GAICAM is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and nonpolitical organization whose vision is to transform lives and promote social and economic growth across Africa; empowering young people and strengthening vulnerable communities so they can become resourceful to their community development, and promoting economic growth, reducing unemployment, crime waves, prostitution, rape cases, molestations and other social ills in their communities. We have for the past 8 years reached and touched the lives of thousands of young people in Cameroon, and ultimately those of other nationalities. We work in line with the United Nations Global Compact, promoting some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as other global goals such as the African Union Agenda 63, Commonwealth Core Values and others.


As a nongovernmental organization, our areas of intervention include;

Community development and the promotion of excellence, Conservation of biodiversity and environment protection, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development, Skills Acquisition and talent Development, Women and girl child empowerment, SEMs Financing and Support, as well as Health and Education. Our programs and projects are serving as a pavement for sustainable communities and as a means for young people to become proactive, innovative, creative, flexible, productive, industrious, and resourceful to their communities.

We annually runs major national and international programs such as the GAICAM Leadership & Entrepreneurial Fellowship, Cameroon Heroes Awards, African Heroes Awards, GAICAM Professional Internship program, Cameroon Emerging Young Leaders Program, and others, all geared towards transforming lives and promoting social and economic growth. Our programs helps in strengthening the resilient of vulnerable communities, and enable young people to dare and create business ventures, as well as engage in community development initiatives that will serves as a springboard for growth and development.


We understand and recognize the need to help young people think beyond the limits of their survival and communities.

We understand and recognize the need to help young people think beyond the limits of their survival and certificates. We believe that every strong and vibrant nation in modern history was built by visionaries whose patriotic hearts drove them to think beyond the limits of their own survival. These are the type of young people that we are empowering in vulnerable communities across Africa, so that they can improve the livelihood of those in their communities.

We believe that our very existence is to respond to the increasing socio-political, economic and environmental challenges faced by individuals and vulnerable communities such unemployment, poverty, climate change and social injustice, lack of access to health care and discrimination, as well as political exclusion that hinder youth participation in the development and livelihood of their communities. We develop tailored programs and projects which helps to meet community and societal needs; serving as a base for skills acquisition, talent and entrepreneurial development, and the promotion of women and girl child empowerment.


We promote community development and participation in the conservation of biodiversity and environment protection, Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills Development, talent Development, promotion sustainable development, and strengthen vulnerable communities so they can become viable to protect and fight against all forms of social. GAICAM works tirelessly to empower young people and vulnerable communities, enabling them to live their aspirations and participate in building the communities they want.


Our approach is focus on designing tailored programs and projects that seek to provide innovative solutions to community and societal problems, as well as youth participation to the growth and development of their communities, working with are valued partners.


As a principle, we do not resort to one-time measures (except in extreme emergencies), but offer long-term support to young people and the vulnerable communities we work with.

Our support programs and mechanism are carefully designed to review, compare and take correctives actions to ensure greater attainability of our projects and programs. We plan and effectively execute all our projects in close cooperation with well-established, trustworthy local partners, providing them with systematic professional training whenever necessary.