Founded with the purpose of transforming lives and promoting growth in Cameroon and Africa at large, we are a non-governmental, not-for-profit, and nonpolitical organization whose wide and realistic vision has reached, touched, and elevated the lives of over 33,000 Cameroonians, including those of other nationalities, since our inception in 2013.

We are working to end extreme poverty in Africa through capacity building, entrepreneurship, and innovation, helping communities develop the perfect recipe for sustainable success. We believe in the possibility of ending extreme poverty and building a sustainable future for all.

We work with the most vulnerable women, refugees, internally displaced people, and youth in vulnerable communities in Africa, equipping them to adapt to the shocks of conflicts, hash economic situations, displacements, pandemics, and climate change. We are committed to building resilience and alleviating poverty by igniting entrepreneurial spirit in Cameroon and across Africa.



Celebrating visible impact across Cameroon

We reward visible community impact across Cameroon via the Cameroon Heroes Impact Awards, encouraging people to engage and actively participate in the social, economic, and cultural development of their communities.

Grooming of Community leaders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals

We annually train and facilitate the grooming of community leaders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals, while promoting global goals and fostering community development.

Providing access to basic education and satisfactory primary healthcare

We provide access to basic education and satisfactory primary healthcare, and run support programs to improve the living conditions of orphans and needy children in venerable communities.

Ending extreme poverty through Community Enterprising

We train and provide the necessary resources to help women in vulnerable communities setup small enterprises as a tool to fight extreme poverty, enabling them to make important decisions for their children.

Building youth capacity for community and global impact

We host different youth capacity-building programs in Cameroon and Africa at large, aimed at empowering youths for community impact, entrepreneurial and leadership development, and for the world of work.


The activities of GAICAM cover a broad range of areas of intervention. Our programs and projects are directed towards ending poverty and solving common issues affecting our communities.


Cameroon Heroes Impact Award

Celebrating Visible Impact Across Cameroon

With 10000+ nominated, 373 shortlisted for the award, and 105 honored for their immense contributions to the growth and development of Cameroon, encouraging participation in national growth and community development… Read More

Save the Rural Children

Giving hope and putting smiles on the faces the needy

The GAICAM NO Child Left Behind project has provided 203 full scholarships and 184 partial scholarships to needy children in different rural communities in Cameroon, providing hope to the hopeless….. Read More

Youth Development Fellowship

Building Capacities for Community Impact and Global Goals

The Youth Development Fellowship program has since 2016, and in 8 editions, trained 650 young community leaders from across Cameroon, with an estimated indirect impact of over 30.000 lives touched … Read More

Cameroon Heroes Impact Award

Celebrating Visible Impact Across Cameroon

The GAICAM Children Party has put smiles on the faces of over 15000 children, especially orphans and the needy, educating them on how to co-exist and share with others irrespective of their background, beliefs, and race…. Read More

Cameroon Heroes Impact Award

Celebrating Visible Impact Across Cameroon

3000+ nominated, 373 shortlisted for the award, 105 honored for their contributions to the growth & development of Cameroon; encouraging participation to national growth, promoting patriotism … READ MORE


Different ways you can be part of our community


We accept volunteer from different parts of the world. Our volunteerism opportunity gives many across the board the opportunity to contribute to something bigger while achieving their personal and professional goals.

Become a GAICAM Country or Community Delegate

Represent us in your Country or Community. We are always seeking for individuals who are passionate about our vision in Africa, and wish to represent us in their community or country of residence.