Student Academic and Career Excellent Program is a student support program, specially designed to provide academic and career support, including life and career mentorship to University Students and those of Secondary and High School across Cameroon.

The program is carefully structured to guide students on how to achieve academic and career excellent; providing professional mentorship, training students on key professional and life skills, while helping them achieve their academic, career and life goals.

The very aim of this Program is;

  • To provide support to university students in their quest to achieve their career gaols to live their life aspiration.
  • To guide Secondary and high School students to achieve academic excellent.
  • To support parents who need help to guide their children who are probably getting out of hand due to peer influence and others.
  • To help students gain some very important life skills that are not thought in schools, including building their morals and capacities.
  • To support students and guide them become the best version of themselves.
  • To train, mentor and guide students on how to read, interpret, understand and prepare for exams.
  • To guide students on how to choose matching careers in higher institutions.

SACEP will issue recommendation letters to active participants who need one to back any of their academic request. The program will equally recommend students for scholarships in Cameroon and abroad.

Participation Requirements

  1. Anyone desiring to be part of the program MUST be a student. Parents can apply for their children who do not have access to phones.
  2. The program is FREE. However, every selected secondary school student will be required to pay a registration fee of $10 (5000xaf) and monthly data fee of $1 (500xaf). Meanwhile, every selected University student will be required to pay a registration fee of $20 (10.000xaf) and monthly data fee of $2 (1000xaf).

    We have a rich experience is helping students achieve their academic and career success. Between the year 2014 and 2016, we visited and organized seminars and counselling sessions in 137 secondary schools of both day and evening session in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon under our No-Student Left Behind Educational Project.

    The academic presentations, seminars and counselling sessions organized to train and guide these students significantly boosted their academic performance and resulted to over 15000 students achieving their academic, career and life aspirations.

    Here is yet another opportunity, do NOT be left out. Make sure you are part of the program. If you are a parent, make sure your children are part of the program.

      Our mission is to guide and empower students with the knowledge, skills and resources which are capable of helping them achieve their academic, career goals and life aspirations. 

        Interested students and parents are required to apply for the program using the online application form. Admitted students will be grouped into the available groups, such as French-university Students, English-University students, English-Secondary School Students and French-Secondary School Students.

        Students will receive regular updates from the program team through our online portal (WhatsApp). Students who don’t have access to phones can use their parent or guardians’ phones to receive training, counselling and mentorship.

          1. Click on the link below to fill the application form.
          2. Check your name on the weekly publication list,
          3. Pay your required annual registration fee to begin the program if admitted.

            For inquiries or partnership, contact;

            Call/WhatsApp: +237 650 940 341