The Impact of
Gaicam International

The Cameroon Heroes Award

This award program has significantly spur lots of initiatives across Cameroon’s national frontiers, encouraging participation to national growth, while promoting the spirit of patriotism among Cameroonians, and creation of more job opportunities, reducing employment and crime waves in different communities.

Since the inceptions of the award program, 3000+ Cameroonians and Cameroon based institutions have been nominated for the award, 373 shortlisted by the award commission, and 105 honored  for their immense contributions to the growth and development of Cameroon. Some of these persons includes; some of which are Ministers, Directors of top public institutions, businesses owners, civil society organizations and more.

GAICAM Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GAILEF)

The past 5 editions of the Gaicam International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GAILEF) has trained 338 young leaders and entrepreneurs from across Cameroon and Africa, with 83 startups businesses created so far, and 33 great community initiatives programs groomed from the program in five years.

The GAICAM Fellowship have impacted more than 15000 indirect lives, especially as many of the entrepreneurs and young leaders groomed from the program are today championing lots of initiatives and creating more job opportunities in their communities, reducing youth unemployment and other social ills.

GAICAM Annual Women Empowerment programs

We have a particular commitment to see that women and young girls are living their dreams through our women empowerment programs. GAICAM has continually designed Women special Empowerment programs to help support vulnerable women and the girl child.

This programs has for the past 4 years touched and impacted the lives of over 2700 women and young girls, helping them stretch out on their potentials and improving their economic potentials and financial status.

The women empowerment activities has significantly helped improve women self-employment opportunities. Many of the women who were part of the activities now run small businesses to support their families and their communities. It has significantly helped these women in improving their standard of living, leading to healthier lifestyle and a reduction in their poverty levels.

GAICAM No-Child Left Behind

This is the pioneer project of GAICAM, created since 2013 with the aim of; identifying orphans and needy children who really want to go to school and better their lives, but lack the means, thereby providing them with unconditional support to build their dreams; giving hope to the hopeless.

The project has improved the lives of 248 orphans and needy children, including their families. It has provided hope to the hopeless and promoted the education of the girl child. It has provided 131 full scholarships and 117 partial scholarships to orphans and needy children in Cameroon.

It has significantly helped in changing the mindset of many parents about the education of the girl child, thus reducing early marriages and unwanted pregnancies in some communities.

This project has successfully graduated their first beneficiary from the University, and we remain committed to this course.

GAICAM Children Christmas Parties

Since 2015, GAICAM has continually organized children’s Christmas Parties in remote areas and different communities to give vulnerable opportunity to celebrate and feel loved like every other child.

This project has put smiles on the faces of over 15000 children, especially orphans and the needy, encouraging them on how to co-exist and share with others.

It has equally put smiles on the faces of some parents who could not provide for their children; seeing their children happily celebrating with others without feeling abandoned.

Again this project has brought hope to the hopeless and assurance to the needy; helping them know some people out there care about them. The project is contributing significantly in building the next generation of philanthropist; people who will find pleasure helping others, drawing from their experience on how they were being supported during feasting seasons not to feel abandoned.

No-Student Left Behind Educational

Since the year 2014, we have visited over 137 secondary schools of both day and evening sessions in Cameroon, counseling and helping students on a range of issues.

This project has benefited more than 15000 secondary schools students of both day and evening sessions in Cameroon; counselling, educating and empowering them on both academic and social ills.

Over 500 students from these schools have benefited from prizes for their outstanding academic performance which serve as a booster for other students to work hard so they can equally benefit from such prizes.

The academic presentations, seminars and counselling sessions organized by GAICAM and partner in these schools, significantly helped improved by 63%, the students’ academic performance, as well as their sense of responsibility.

GAICAM Active Citizens Clubs

The GAICAM Active Citizens Clubs in both public and private universities in Cameroon was designed as a signature effort to awaken the spirit of patriotism and national consciousness in Cameroonian youths, helping them develop scalable skills, capable of enabling them gainfully contribute to the emergence process of Cameroon.

This project has benefited over 2000 club members via the club’s activities helping them develop creative, innovative, productive, leadership and communication skills, which are sustainable tools to the emergence of Cameroon, and has increase their economic potentials by 80% in the past four years.

About 150 former members of the club are today championing entrepreneurial activities in their communities; creating businesses and community initiative programs to help improved the livelihood of the people of their communities.

National Business and Entrepreneurial Summit

Under the backdrop that most young people are so eager to become entrepreneurs, yet only few know how to get there or access to the resources needed to enable them reach their aspirations, GAICAM has been organizing National Business and Entrepreneurial Submit since 2019 in Cameroon.

So far, over 170 startups and business from different parts of Cameroon have improved their productivity and boosted their revenue streams, thanks to their active participation in summit.

Over 65% of participants are today championing entrepreneurial and economic activities in their respective communities and regions, creating job opportunities for the youths and reducing crime waves, unemployment and other social ills in these regions.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Cameroon has been greatly improved, thanks to the experts, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, professionals and other stakeholders who took part in brainstorming on strategies on how to improve the ecosystem.