Why we founded the GAICAM No-Child Left Behind

During the founding phase of our organization in August 2012, our interest in the education of orphans and needy children, prompted us to carry out findings in some local communities in Cameroon to know how we can support the education of orphans and needy children. The findings revealed that education was not given as much priority as it should because of financial constraints and traditional beliefs, especially the education of the girl child in some communities.

We discovered that most children who had lost their parents or were born out of wedlock were denied the right to education, especially the girl child, either because of financial constraints or the belief that the education of the girl child is a waste of time and resources. All they did was work for their parents/ guardians, who never thought it was important to send them to school. They saw education as a waste of time and resources, especially that of the girl child, because they believe that a woman is another man’s property (wife) and that they cannot be spending resources on another man’s property. They prefer sending the male child to school rather than the female child. With that in mind, immediately the girl child gets to puberty, they start looking for a man to take her in as a wife.

This refusal and lack of financial resources to educate most of these kids have frustrated many of them and limited their ability to live up to their aspirations. Some of these children, especially the girl child, get forced into early marriages at a tender age and they end up being treated as slaves and child-bearing machines. This limitation has equally contributed significantly to the rise in sexual promiscuity and high levels of crime, exposing them to ills such as alcoholism, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, etc., while impairing their future and causing them to live unproductive/unhealthy lives. It exposes the girl child to prostitution, forceful marriages, crime, terrorism, HIV/AIDS and others just because they have been denied the right to education and to live their aspirations. Many children around Africa are born into stark realities:  will they work in markets and mines or go to school? Will they be trafficked into slavery, or be free? Will they be child soldiers or students?

The Personal Experience of Founder and Director General of GAICAM

‘‘My mother was a victim of this educational denial. My grandfather was one of those who strongly believed that every woman was another man’s property. He refused to send my mother and her sisters to school because they were female. My mother explained how she begged our grandfather to send her to school like his brother but got well beaten for having such courage to suggest that. She lived and died with the pain of not being able to go to school to enable her to maximize her aspirations. That is one of the main reasons why we founded GAICAM. I cannot stand by and watch another generation of young stars be deprived of a better future. I know I can’t do this alone, which is why I need the support of those who share vision and pain.’’ Mr. Taminang Search, Director General of GAICAM.

Our Action to solve the problem

The action GAICAM took to tackle this limitation was to create the No Child Left Behind project to serve as a suitable and indiscriminate platform for every child who has difficulties accessing education.  The GAICAM No-Child Left Behind project was born as the pioneer project of GAICAM in 2013 to breach the gap and serve as a platform to help orphans and needy children, giving orphans the opportunity to go to school like other kids and enabling them to have a better future. This project was created with the aim of identifying orphans and needy children who really want to go to school to better their lives but lack the means to do so. We provide these children with unconditional support to build their dreams, giving hope to the hopeless.

Since its inception, the GAICAM No Child Left Behind project has brought smiles and hope to 387 orphans and needy children who, because of financial constraints, could not go to school like others.

How we support the orphans and needy children

  • Full tuition until university degree
  • Medical support
  • Academic support materials
  • Social and psychological support
  • Food, clothes and other basic necessities

The current impact (milestones)

  1. The project has improved the lives of 248 orphans and needy children, including their families.
  2. It has provided hope to the hopeless and promoted the education of the girl child.
  3. It has significantly helped in changing the mindset of many parents about the education of the girl child, thus reducing early marriages and unwanted pregnancies in some communities.
  4. It has also served as a platform that enables orphans and needy children to live a purposeful life.
  5. It has provided 203 full scholarships and 117 partial scholarships to orphans and needy children in Cameroon.

Our Road Map

  • To ensure that 10,000 orphans and needy children have access to quality and sound education by 2030.
  • To give orphans or needy children the opportunity to get access to education like every other child.
  • To build rehabilitation centers to provide shelter to displaced and street children, orphans, and needy children, including children with disabilities, so they could have a better life.
  • To provide psychological assistance to abused and abandoned children so they could overcome trauma
  • To build community schools for orphans and needy children, especially displaced children in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and Nigeria.


Your support would help us serve the poorest and most vulnerable children in Cameroon; channeling life changing aid to where it is needed the most. We seek participation and help from like-minded people/organizations to support us on this course to give hope to the hopeless.

How to Get Involved

  • Sponsor a child (1000 USD annually or 100 USD Monthly )
  • Donate finance, clothes, equipment, and others that can be of help to this project.
  • Partner with us in building a community school for orphans and needy children.
  • Partner with us in building a rehabilitation center for displaced and street children.
  • Support us with a 4Wd vehicle to help our team access remote communities.
  • Support us with digital cameras to help us document our work for better reporting.


We cannot help but express our gratitude to our partners for their faithfulness, cooperation and support so far. Work actually turns out to be great only with potential partners like you. Thanks a lot for being there for the children and us. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with you. 

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