I am AMAWA ASKANDARU NFOR, one of the beneficiaries of GAICAM. My sincere appreciation goes to Allah for giving me a wonderful friend who educated and encouraged me to enroll for such a transformative training program with GAICAM.

I really appreciate the organizers and the presenters for their indebt educative presentations which have greatly enriched my entrepreneurial skills, as well as impacted me positively. They have enlightened me on many short comings in business, how to cope during recession, and how to cope and manage my business.

The training program has encourage and taught me many things about business in which I was very ignorant about, and now, I’m more than ready to improve and expand my business. I am now fully equipped on how to effectively manage my start-up business, my business risk and how to recruit good personnel for my start-up. Before now, I didn’t know how to get to my target customers using the social media, but after the training, I now clearly see how I’m going to be reaching my target market using the social media platform.

How can I thank GAICAM enough for such an impact in my life! I am so grateful that I was part of this training. However, I wish to humbly thank GAICAM for such training and pray that Allah continue to inspire them the more to impact more lives.

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