Fotsop Nkenganong Dorytta, testify of GAICAM

I am Fotsop Nkenganong Dorytta, a 2018 Fellow of the GAICAM Leadership & Entrepreneurial Fellowship. I heard about GAICAM by words of mouth from a friend, I felled so delighted about it because I had challenges on how to tackle certain things in the business world.

Being an entrepreneur who bakes cake for wedding, birthdays, and anniversary,  I was very optimistic and had high expectation for the fellowship taking into consideration what I do. My expectations were to develop skills in public communication, networking and how I can develop an attractive business plan.

The skills gain from this fellowship was far beyond my expectations. However, there was no time to fully practice the public communication which was taught, due to time constraint. All thanks to GAICAM for the wonderful opportunity to develop remarkable skill during this one week training program , such as how to seek for funds, customer service, building a good digital CV, business mindset development, decision making and many more. I am so grateful and pray many young people get to benefit from this same opportunity.

Fotsop Nkenganong Dorytta. Y

GAICAM 2018 Fellow

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