Celebrating Okuke Mary Marvelous Mudi; A 2017 GAICAM Fellow

Meet Okuke Mary Marvelous, a proud 2017 fellow of the GAICAM Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GAILEF).

She is a 19 year old final year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Buea, and the founding president of SEEDS Cameroon, an NGO dealing with the building of potentials in young people across the South West Region of Cameroon.

Her dynamism and innovative mindset to key societal issues in her community, has resulted to her creating the Teens-4-teens project for SEEDS Cameroon, which has so far benefited over 250 teenagers in localities around the Buea municipality.

She is currently driving a great initiative across the South West Regions of Cameroon, which is putting smiles of the faces of many teens and families. Her mission is to identify, train, support and promote kids. She is also passionate about working with young people and directing them towards the relevance of living a purpose-driven life. She is currently mentoring several young people, and is tirelessly striving in all her engagements.

According to Okuke Mary Marvelous, some circumstance she encountered at the early stages of life let her to conceiving and creating the teens-4-teens project of SEEDS Cameroon. This projects aims at igniting teenagers and young people, with a heart of love and concern for their vulnerable peers. Given that Okuke observed the non-challant behavious of teens, who thinks that the task of showing concern and helping the needy, is an activity reserve for adults, and other “renown” organizations.

The teens4tens project brings together over 100 young people, who get registered as volunteers, and as a team, they all contribute time and the little resources each have, to pay visits to these vulnerable kids, elderly people, IDPs and cases of violated teenage girls. The teens4teens project last year, supported the education of over 200 kids across six local communities around the Buea Sub-division, registered 100 volunteers and exceptionally provided material and financial assistance to some very difficult cases of vulnerable elderly people and teenage violated girls.

Through the teens-4-teens project, SEEDS Cameroon has created many partnership, including, United Nations Juniour Paliamentarians of South West (ACNU), CARITAS of the diocese of Buea and other esteemed individuals and institutions to be able to impact over 6 communities in the Buea Subdivision; Bokwaongo, Bonduma,Bonakanda,Small Soppo,Buea Town,Mekongi and Molyko. They have also been able to offer capacity enhancement trainings to 80 young people, registered as volunteers in the 2020 edition of the project, and offered free mentorship to all those with project ideas, while paying close attention to some elderly persons and teenage victims of violence.

‘‘The impact I am creating today in my community, is thanks to the opportunity I had to participate in the GAICAM Fellowship in 2017. It is an experience I term “ground-breaking”. It was the most intriguing period of my entire life. At age 15, I did had a lot of ideas, yet confused on how to go about any, GAILEF 2017 paved the path for me. It made me clearly see how to go about my journey to impact and transformation. GAILEF 2017 made me realize how much I had in me, and that was the gateway. The network, lessons, trainings and every second spent in the fellowship has a trace left in me. I continue to see the manifestation of GAILEF 2017 every day, as I trod the path of service to my community and the world.’’  …Okuke Mary Marvelous

‘‘To all my fellow youths, who have been privileged to get information about GAILEF, I would say, it will be one of your most regretted decisions in life, to miss this opportunity. GAILEF 2017 changed my life. It is your turn to dispose yourself, take everything seriously and watch how transformed your entire existence will be.’’Okuke Mary Marvelous

‘‘It is indeed an honour, to be a part of something that deals with mind transformation. GAICAM has done great work in empowering the lives of thousands of young people. Thank you so much, for your abundant support in this course. Your support does not end with GAICAM, it extends and touches several lives across boundaries.

To all the partners of GAICAM, I say thank you, for your loyalty and partnership with GAICAM in her vision.’’Okuke Mary Marvelous

Thank you for reading through this spotlight. We are so proud of Okuke Mary Marvelous Mudi. Here is her contacts, you can get to her for partnership or support to the amazing work she is doing in her community. She is based in Molyko – Buea, South West regional of Cameroon.

Personal email: okukemarv@gmail.com  teens-4-teens project Email: teens4teens@yahoo.com

Call: (+237) 650 725 936/ 662 722 637


For more information on how you can support GAICAM to continue transforming lives like that of Okuke Mary Marvelous, contact; Email: fellowship@gaicam.org  Call/Whatsapp: (+237) 678895757/ 694704575

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