I am NELSON FORZENG FONGE, please permit me say I have been richly blessed by GAICAM. Today, I have learned a lot I was very ignorant about, including how to develop and nurture a business idea, start a business venture with little or no money and many more. I have also learned how to develop my vision, staff my start-up, and navigate the social media with my products or business idea in order to attract customers. How I wish I met GAICAM some few years back, though it’s not too late because I’m going to be acting on this knowledge immediately. I feel so privilege to have been part of GAICAM Training and today, I’m good to go.

I want to immensely congratulate the baord of GAICAM for their relentless efforts to train young Cameroonians to be more productive and financially intelligent so they can be agents of the growth of Cameroon. I humbly wish to solicit that this initiative which is currently impacting more lives in Cameroon and leading the nation to its vision 2035 emergence should continue. We pray God bless and keep the organization floating.

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