The value of a man is not measured by what he does for himself to make life easier, but by what he does for others to make their lives easier. “The conviction of GAICAM has always been to foster growth in Cameroon and Africa at large, bearing in mind that every strong and vibrant nation in modern history was built by visionary and transformative organizations whose commitments and patriotism drove them to think beyond the confines of their very own survival.” Taminang Search-Founder/Executive Director, GAICAM.

The GAICAM Family

The partners, collaborators and the GAICAM family and well-wishers all gathered on the 18th August 2018 to celebrate 6 years of journeying together and impacting the lives of young Cameroonians. The anniversary was very important to the GAICAM family given the number of lives it has reached out to and impacted within her 6 years of existence.

It was an opportunity for GAICAM, her partners and collaborators to look back and take stock of all previous activities, outline short comings, and propose solutions to and also to appreciate the work done over these years  which many describe as an impactful journey, a journey worth it’s sacrifices.

The anniversary began with a red carpet which gave way for a group photo to be taken between our partners, sponsors, general public and the GAICAM family at large. In his address, the Executive Director welcomed all guests in their various capacities and personalities. He continued by outlining the various projects and activities of the organization as well as some achievements in the past years.

Red carpet reception

On their part, the collaborators and partners expressed their satisfaction so far on all GAICAM projects and encouraged the team to continue in their hard work and to keep on impacting the lives of young people. The occasion also recorded a series of presentation of products by the GAICAM fellows and also some testimonials from various people whom GAICAM has impacted and continues to impact.

There was also the popping of the anniversary champagne and a toast to many more years of collaboration and life changing projects. Musical interludes poems and presentation of art work were also there to give the occasion the grandeur it deserved. The celebration of this anniversary also gave room for networking and exchange of ideas and the occasion ended with the partners, sponsors and all invited guests feeling satisfied and wished GAICAM many more successful years.

To read the full 2018 GAICAM report, click on the link below to download the report.


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