Bearing in mind that many years ago in Cameroon just like in other countries in Africa, the place of the women was restricted to the kitchen, the farm and the task of expanding the family through child bearing and upbringing which has limited the women in terms of their dreams and aspirations.

Owning to the fact that despite the efforts made by organizations, government structures and individuals to get women to be part of decision making in our society and to hold some important positions in strategic decision making agencies, and that there are still some individuals, communities and work place who thinks that women should not occupy positions of authority and or be part of decision making in our society; GAICAM, following its plan of action for the year 2018, decided to organized a Women Empowerment Conference on Saturday 21st April 2018 at Eta palace Buea. This conference was organized under the theme “Empowering Women for Growth & Prosperity, with total of 100 participants in attendance drawn from the different cities and towns of Cameroon such as Buea, Muea, Mile 16, Tiko Limbe, Muyuka, Kumba, Douala and Yaounde.

The preoccupation of the GAICAM 2018 Women Empowerment Conference was to:

  • Improve women’s economic potential; enhance their family life, careers and their financial abilities so they can serve as pavements to the growth and prosperity of their families and communities.
  • Expose women to an environment that enables them to think out of the box and step out of their comfort/ confined zones which have so far kept them behind.
  • Provide the necessary tools, inspirations and motivations that will cause women to act and take meaningful decisions no matter their backgrounds.
  • Improve women confident level, health and safety in their work environment, homes and communities.

The conference which started at 9:00 am prompt slipped through with major training modules from amazing speakers who gave their best to ensure that the objectives of the conference was met beyond doubt. Some of these training modules includes:

  • Women in business, improving the economic potentials of their homes.
  • Maintaining healthy relationships for family growth and prosperity.
  • Women in leadership, setting the pace for the emergence in Cameroon.
  • Women in Entrepreneurship; shaping the business world.
  • The indispensable role of the Cameroonian woman in peace and growth of Cameroon.
  • Women, the secret of every successful enterprise (home) – the value of a true African woman.

The conference was tagged a huge success, given the number of participants who all turn out to participate in the conference, as well as the testimonials shared by the various participants. The participants were so satisfied beyond expectation as you could see below. According to the Women and Children Affair Officer of GAICAM, Miss AMINMECHE Sharon Nkeng it was a conference to be remembered. Both the speakers and participants have not stopped sharing their experiences and the impact the conference have had over their lives. One of the memorable moments of the conference would be the networking session which all those in attendance had to network and connect with knew people.



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