Bonding with others enables one to acquire knowledge which can promote a sense of focus and direction. Also, evaluating past works or achievements gives one a boost to pick up new innovative challenges or ideas for self-building and elevation. In this light, on Saturday 30th of March 2019, GAICAM organized the first Cohort of the GAICAM Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GALEF) in Buea, the regional capital of the South West Region of Cameroon, marking the beginning of an annual GALEF COHORT MEETUP for all former fellows of the fellowship. 

This maiden edition of the alumni fellows brought together three (3) different batches of former fellows from various fields, with the following preoccupations;

  • To evaluate the success rate of each fellows and re-strategize their efforts towards the attainment of their expected results, and help them scale their startups.
  • To share available national and international opportunities with fellows so they can strive to benefit from.
  • To mobilize & coordinate fellow’s efforts to secure funding and seed capital for their startup ideas, in a bid to support their various initiatives.
  • To mobilize and boost the entrepreneurial mindsets of fellows who are yet to launch their startups, as well as those who are yet to get engage in any gainful initiative.
  • To brain-storm and put in place a follow up mechanism to monitor and continue to provide necessary support to former fellows, thereby guaranteeing the success of their individual initiatives.

The event started at 2pm, chaired by the Executive Director of GAICAM. The delegates who made it to this great event were 26 in number, pulled from different towns and regions of Cameroon to Buea. The delegates invited for the first cohort meet-up were owners of startups, and those who were currently changing lives in their communities, thanks to the GALEF PROGRAM.

During the meet up, delegates all agreed on how to strengthen their various startups, as well as the GALEF PROGRAM. It was the beginning of a great journey, as GAICAM pledged its continuous commitment towards the goals; under which the Annual fellowship was created to serve as springboard through which many Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs would be groomed.

For more information and insight on the GALEF ALUMNI COHORT MEETUP 2019, read the complete annual report HERE

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