Same like the previous years, GAICAM on the 26th of February launched its 2018 plan of action for the Active Citizen’s Club of the University of Buea as outlined in its official plan of action for the year 2018. The launching of the club activities took place in the University of Buea with over 38 members of the club in attendance to contribute and participate in the launching activity of the club. Unlike before, his special launching ceremony was Sandwich with a free Professional Seminar for those in attendance, where new members and some returning members were trained on:

  • How to discover their talents and used that as a tool to develop a good career base.
  • How to Identify an Idea, evaluate the idea, nurture the Idea and develop the idea into a full business venture.
  • How to become seasoned leaders through the art of self-Leaderships and community youth engagement; and finally on,
  • How to secure scholarships and international Opportunities available for students.

This special event started with an opening speech from the club president, then followed by the executive director of GAICAM, and lastly by the Executive Director, all dwelling on the need for the students and members of the club to get together and develop their capacities while still in school; followed by the training proper of the day. The training was delivered by the Project Director and the Executive Director of GAICAM, which ended up in a very exciting mood.

It was an exciting beginning, drawing from the last year success stories of the club, especially with the many lives that the project has impacted so far. This special activity launch and professional training session came at the time when many students were expecting doubt if the club activities will go operational, given the setbacks recorded last academic year due to the crises in Cameroon.

Students were exposed to opportunities, as well as educated on how they could identify their talents, develop the talents, and nurture the talents to grow, as well as blend it in their studies. They were as well trained on how they could become seasoned leaders and lots more.. The impact of this event cannot be over emphasized, especially as many capacities were greatly improved upon. As at date, the organization hopes that by the end of the year, the annual objective of the club would have been attained, everything being equal.



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