Philip Ewane

“Philip Ewane is an engineer in computer science and telecommunications, a Cybersecurity expert, an information system security professional and a Certified Ethical Hacker( CEH) with more than 4 years experience in cybersecurity & 3 years experience working with a telecom operator.

He is an information system security auditor and a penetration tester and has performed this in over 45 organizations/institutions including banks, microfinance, mobile or telecommunication operators, government establishments , universities etc. He currently works with the organ in charge of fighting cyber criminality in the national cyberspace.

He is the CEO of VERONCA, an online English language One-on-One tutoring platform that helps people to learn English ANYWHERE they are & at ANYTIME specifically non English speakers across Africa and the world.

He is also an aspiring Agropreneur.
His passion and motivation is to add relevant value to peoples lives by lifting them or upgrading them spiritually, financially, intellectually , morally etc.