Kah Nazarius Ponde

“Kah Nazarius Ponde is an Electrical engineer by profession. He is the CEO and founder of Green Energy and Technology Services (G. E. T. S). He has over five years of experience in this field, has worked with over 10 companies in Cameroon in the field of electricity namely industrial wiring, residential wiring, solar electricity installation. He has trained over 100 youths in the field of solar electricity and residential wiring.

Besides his profession, He is a passionate entrepreneur with over 5 mini enterprise to his name. He is also an investor in crypto currency. He has over to his name, 3 enterprises pending launching.

Nazarius Ponde is also very much into agriculture with his expertise mainly in hydroponics farming (Farming using water and nutrients only other wise know as soil less farming)

Contact Nazarius Ponde

Email: kahnaza55@gmail.com
Social media:Kah Nazarius Ponde”