Nguh Brice

“Nguh Brice (Great Mind) is Network Marketing professional/ a Digital investor/ a movie Actor and a sign language interpreter.

Nguh Brice is also a trained speaker from the Rare and Remarkable Speakers Network (RRSN), Trained in Business and learnership from Mogi Gls an international online school with the provost as Mike Oladipo. Trained in Communication and Presentation Skills from The Centre of Entrepreneurship, leadership and Business Development Africa(CELBD)

Nguh Brice attended SHEP Academy (a Self Help Empowerment Program) and is certified in the Area of Business Mastery, Mind Mastery, Success Systems, God Man and Money.

Brice is the author of the Book “”The Bridge i Crossed”” ( not yet published which potrays the struggles of life. Nguh Brice is also a crypto currency trader, trading with the Cameroon Crypto Market.

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