N. Philemon Mbale

N. Philemon Mbale
“Philemon Mbale is a trained broadcast journalist with over 16 years of professional experience stv home and abroad. He also holds a BSc degree in Geography with additional concentration in Geographic Information System. A public speaker and a personal development coach he has featured in several public events and seminars both in Cameroon and in the Republic of Congo.

Philemon Mbale is also a startup business person with a unique sales approach based on inspiring clients to see more value than price. A believer in humanity, he is using this sales approach to get more relevance and make more impact in consumer’s lifestyle.

His personal experience should and life story has been his major tool of reference in helping others become the best version of themselves via personal development and self enlightenment.

He strongly believe there is no problem without a solution, no suces sur without failures and that anything is possible with the right mindset and approach.

Philemon offers free coaching and personal development schemes to individuals, schools and communities as a means to attain overall development, financial independence, health and wellbeing and the attainment of the best versions of individuals and communities.

Easy to find, simple to approach
Tel: 00237679403200.
Whatsapp: 00 242 06 942 57 22.
Email: g_dep155@yahoo.com
Social media: Philemon Mbale.”