Mbihlufeuin Mispah

“Mbihlufeuin Mispah is an energetic, goal-oriented and purpose driven young woman, who is passionately involved in education, entrepreneurship, Agriculture, women empowerment (girl education).

Mispah is an Educationist, Editor, Trainer, Mentor, Relationship Coach, Entrepreneur, Organ Farmer with 4 years+ experience as an English Language teacher.

Mispah best describes herself as a proactive and a problem solver, who looks for solutions to problems in her field and brings out unique solutions to the problems.

Mispah is passionate about adding value to young people as she is involved in co- curricular activities with students. As a team worker, she organised a campaign across 4 secondary schools in Yaounde in which students were trained to produce spaghetti and “”mayonnais””. She believes that the best way young people can contribute to the development of their country is to be trained to acquire co-curricular skills that will permit them to answer the question “”what can you do? “”, thereby providing solutions to pertinent global problems beginning with their communities.

She currently teaches English Language at Jean Jaures and serves as a class mistress of Form Two students.

Filled with passion for the English Language during her Master’s Degree program, Mispah has been involve in developing English Language skills and other 21st century skills in young people. This has led her to collaborate with other professionals to create an online study program for the teaching of English Language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing to non English Speakers worldwide. The main objective of this platform is to solve the problem of learners sitting in an on-site classroom, especially in the current pandemic, Covid-19

Tel: +237673884520
Email: princessmispah@gmail.com
Social media platforms: Mbihlufeuin Mispah”