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Become a CELBMD Africa Registered Training Center

We have approved 11 Registered Training Centres(RTCs) in 8 countries across Africa to deliver our Professional Executive Training/Development Programs. As a Registered Training Centre (RTC), your organisation/institution can have a number of benefits.

What Really makes us different

- CELBMD Africa does not charge any fees to recognise your Organisation/Institution!
- Registered Training Centers can use CELBMD Africa's valuable learning materials, including course books and practice questions necessary to provide effective training

- CELBMD Africa RTC receives regular notifications to developments and updates through newsletter
- CELBMD Africa qualifications will increase number of students and revenue for the RTC

By using prestigious ‘CELBMD Africa registered centre’ logo in promotion, the Registered Training Center could add up value to its business. Continental recognised Executive Certificate/Diploma and professional qualifications can provide competitive advantages and diversification in the market

To register with CELBMD Africa as a Registered Training Center, please send us an email to infos@celbmdafrica.com or info.celbmdafrica@gmail.com and we will forward you the application form to fill and email it back to us. We will take care the rest of the process for you and get back to you.


CELBMD Africa Training/Development programs have grown to 18 African Countries. CELBMD has dedicated Country Ambassadors/Directors and CELBMD Africa Registered Training Centers (RTCs) in the following countries Malawi, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Sierra Leon, Somalia, Djibouti, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC, Rwanda, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Ethiopia and Cameroon