GAICAM hereby announces to the general public that admission of new members into the organisation is open as of July 17th  to August 6th, 2018.

Our membership is open to all irrespective of nationality, sex, religion, occupation, or race. Depending on your interest, you can become a GAICAM Member today and benefit from lots of opportunities. Your membership will require you to make a minimum annual contribution 20,000 FCFA to support the activities of the organization.



  • GOLD membership 100,000frs($185.1)
  • SILVER Membership 75,000frs ($138.8)
  • BRONZ Membership 50,000frs ($92.5
  • STARTUPS Membership 30,000frs ($55.5)
  • Graduates & Job Seekers Membership 15,000frs ($27.7)
  • High School & Undergraduate Membership (10,000Frs) ($18.5)



Our members depending on their membership types, do benefit from either of the following:

  • Opportunity to be appointed a member of the Advisory board of directors.
  • Opportunity to serve in any of the top management position of the organization.
  • Be honoured with an Annual membership certificate.
  • Opportunity to represent the organization as a country coordinator in another country, as well as a divisional or regional coordinator.
  • Represent GAICAM in & out of the country in fellowships, events, trainings & others official meetings.
  • Benefit from a 50% discount to all GAICAM paid events.
  • Be honoured with the opportunity to meet and connect with the right people from across the globe.
  • Be honoured with the opportunity to nominate individuals forGAICAM Annual awards.
  • Contribute in decision making, as well as receive periodic reports of the organization’s state of affairs.
  • Receive periodic Jobs, Scholarships, international opportunities & possible recommendation if need be.

Interested persons should click HERE register on or before August 6th, 2018. For more info, please call or WhatsApp us via 678895757