Kiyam kizitor Devix

“Kiyam kizitor Devix is a purpose driven young and selfless humble man who is passionate about raising Audacious leaders for community influence, impact and development.


He is an alumnus of the most prestigious University in Cameroon THE SIANTOU UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE Where he obtained a B.Tech in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT field of BANKING AND INTERNATIONAL FINANCE worked as an operation manager in GBI, Junior lecturer in BANKING LAW in the university of NDI-SAMBA. Yaoundé Cameroon.


Kiyam Kizitor Devix has undergone several international leadership training courses and programs including Spring Leadership Development Hub, MOGI GLS ELP, CAP, FuWIL Fellowship and an activist with the John C. Maxwell’s Team which he is endowed with excellent leadership skills.


He is a certified leadership and life coach, change Agent advocates and SDG Ambassador with vision to train, mentor and raise global Audacious leaders through ALC Academy Leadership Training Program for community influence, impact and development.


As of date he has mentored and raised 320 young Audacious leaders across difference countries including  Koweït, Liberia, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, UAI, and Cameroon with government recognition as a news paper the Guidance newspaper recognized one of his projects of Raising 500 young Cameroonians to partake in community development and sustainability.


He is equally a SDG trainer under the banner of YAPCEC and PEACE AMBASSADORS FOR CAMEROON.


He has served and still serving in several leadership capacities including Business, community development and religious organizations. Kiyam Kizitor is a passionate youth leader, a small business consultant, a digital and network marketer, an author of two books (People and the community, The success journey through thorns).


He is currently the founder and CEO of Audacity Leadership Consulting-ALC and Provost of the ALC Academy Leadership Training Program which through this program he has raised outstanding community influencers. He is also a portfolio manager of TEKS Global and value Chain Services,  investment analyst and a finance expert.



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