Honorine Cheng

“Honorine Cheng is an astute Data Journalist and Fact-Checker with 12 years of experience in the field of journalism and has worked with 5 TV stations such as; Equinox TV, LTM TV and Liberty Tv, 3 Newspapers 1Magazine and 3 blogs.


With her 6 years combined experience Hi TV and Legacy Development Tv her drive as a Community Engagement Officer was nurtured and she was the Pioneer Supervisor in charge of Marketing and Resource Mobilization.


With the experience of working on a plethora of International projects with UN Women, Care, UNFPA, WFP to name but these under LUKMEF Cameroon, she stands the chance to exert in the domain of Care Giving and Social Work. All of this is backed by the Master’s Mentor Advance Certificate (MMAC) in Counselling from TIMFA USA Institute.


I provide psychosocial assistance to GBV survivors, the vulnerable and l am a Public Health Expert in the domain of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Care, which makes me a people oriented incubator and a virtuous woman for exploits.


As an on air Tv Personality, l have anchored Shine on LDTV, Keep it Green on HI TV. At the moment, l am a Free Lancer working for Balafon Radio Douala as Buea based News Desk Reporter. I am a Defy Hate Fellow, an organization where my quest for Peace has gained expression.