Fowedlung Asongseuh Ashiangwi

Fowedlung Asongseuh Ashiangwi is a third year power systems engineering student in the faculty of engineering and technology in the university of Buea. He has been decorated as an outstanding student in three occasions throughout his stay in highschool. Succeeded in a competitive exam for the selection of Junior ambassadors for the United Nations in Cameroon for the 2017 batch. He is filled with a good number of skills, with an ultimate goal to impact his environment and make it better than how he met it.


He is recognized for a quick assimilation of material and rendering a concise reaction to it, digital skills, a good customer relationship, team spirit and togetherness for a prosperous future. He is into copywriting and a good content creator.


Fowedlung is the current Communication manager of the start up NGO #NERVTEK, which is hardware community with a vision to innovate, inspire and create impact in the lives of young cameroonians who show interest in technology. He is also a trainer in the Electrolabs program owned by a software company called New Generation Technologies found in Buea. His community Nervtek has been selected for the LIA (Leadership Initiative Award) award 2020.


Fowedlung in the recent months have coached two separate teams working on hardware projects to take part in a certain challenge, where by the two teams evolving to the first and third positions of the challenge. The projects include a multi functional circuit and a smart Dustin with automatic hand sanitizer. He has also worked in a team of 3, called the ADC Tek in two competitions, grasping the first and third positions respectively.


Fowedlung has taken part in more than 10 different training sessions, teaching the younger generation the basics of robotics and electronics, and how they can individually impact their society with technology. He has even gone to secondary schools to encourage them to show interest in technology, have taken part in several orientation events, for students leaving high school .


Fowedlung with his entrepreneurial skills is on a raise to end poverty. He is into network marketing and is building a strong team of ambitious young cameroonians to work hand in gloves and make his vision a reality.


Contact Fowedlung Asongseuh Ashiangwi via;


WhatsApp: 670868504

Social media: Fowedlung Ashiangwi