Anjuigeh Francis Akamoh

“Anjuigeh Francis Akamoh is an Organic Farmer with a unique desire to reduce the use of Antibiotics use in vaccinating animals and industrial fertilizer in crops which have contributed much to human disease infections. He is an organic farm practitioner of two years experience both on research and farming.


He have unique skills in servant leadership, entrepreneurship, community development, community mobilization, peoples management, Agropreneurship, marketing and digital technology.


Akamoh is the Founder and CEO of Midas Touch Organic Farm (MTOL) which deals with the keeping of Livestock (rabbit, fowl, Guinea pig) and the cultivation of crops (maize, cucumber, vegetables, mushroom).


Francis Akamoh is loaded with most desirable top skills in servant leadership, community mobilization, self – discipline, entrepreneurship, team work, Peoples Management, digital technology by C-life Servant leadership training lifestyle, Agropreneurship skills by Global Youth Transformative Aid (GYTA), Marketing/prospection by Direct Sales Maximum International (DS Max Int’l).


Though high school drop out, he  create impact on his community especially on the youths (unprivileged) to engage in agriculture even in a small scale for start up. He have mentored 10 youths in his community which they started a small rabbit and fowl farming and are growing.




WhatsApp: 681115403

Facebook/ LinkedIn: Anjuigeh Francis Akamoh