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Ngwoh Patrick Zih, is currently a PhD student in the University of Buea, I am an entrepreneur, I offer professional cleaning services and disinfection services to the public, he is an expert in real estate management services, the general manager and shareholder of Competent cleaning center LTD BUEA, the public relations officer at Reference care, an international NGO taking care of elderly people and the Youths in our community, he is a marketer and Brand Ambassadors at MTN, Cameroon, he is a business consultant, an educationist, he has attended both national and international seminars, conferences and workshops such as the Young African leaders Initiatives Yoaunde, Buea and Nigeria, Israel Hi-Tech innovative seminar in Yoaunde,and United Nations conference on Trade and Development in Yoaunde, He has volunteered in many NGO such as Harambe Cameroon Ambassadors, DESA Cameroon, Better Breed Cameroon and Reference care Cameroon. Patrick is a very proactive and productive person always looking for new opportunities to upgrade and make changes in his life and community. He is very much trustworthy, hardworking, honest and reliable.

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