Our membership is open to all irrespective of nationality, sex, religion, occupation, or race. Depending on your interest, you can become a GAICAM Member today and benefit from lots of opportunities. Your membership will require you to make a minimum annual contribution 5000FCFAtosupport the activities of the organization.


Types of available membership& minimum registration cost.

  • High School & undergraduate membership(5000Frs)
  • Graduates &Job Seekers Membership(10,000Frs)
  • Silver Membership (15,000Frs)
  • Broun’s Membership (20,000Frs)
  • Golden membership(25000Frs)


Benefits to members

Our members depending on their membership type will benefit from either of the following on a personal note:

  • Be honoured with an Annual membership certificate.
  • Benefit from a discount to allGAICAM paid events.
  • Be opportune to serve as aGAICAMAmbassador in their respective communities.
  • Receive updates and important information in area(s) of interest from our partners.
  • Be opportune to meet and connect with the right people on the planet.
  • Be opportune to nominate individuals for awards.
  • Receive our monthly newsletters.
  • Receive periodic reports of GGAICAm activities.
  • Receive periodic Job opportunities and a possible recommendation if need be.
  • Represent GAICAM in and out of the country in fellowships, events, trainings and others official meeting.


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