The GAICAM Active Citizen Project is a signature effort to awaken the spirit of patriotism and national consciousness in Cameroonian youths and to enable them develops remarkable skills, capable of enabling them gainfully contribute to the emergence process of the nation. That is the “raison d’être” to the creation of our first Active Citizens Clubs in Buea in some institutions of learning, senior primary, secondary and high schools. The youths of a nation are a crucial segment of the nation’s development. Youths are the social actors of change; they are not just leaders of tomorrow, but partners of today. We understand truly the importance of transforming the mindsets of Cameroonian youths to a more patriotic, proactive and creative, one capable of enabling them fully participate in the emergence of Cameroon. This initiative is expected to enhance peace, security, and unity amongst Cameroonians, spur growth, prosperity, and promote economic growth and national coexistence.

It takes a leader to cast a vision and a people to implement and achieve the vision. The head of state has casted the Cameroon vision 2035, and we know a nation is not walls, a territory, but a people. GAICAM considers it time to unite the nation for the vision and to start preparing the youths who will facilitate the emergence process. Nation building is an unending process of assuring that a country is strong and vibrant, that the citizens are patriotic and oriented on issues that strengthen national unity and promote growth such as the respect of constituted authorities, promotion of peace and unity, hard work, loyalty and positive values.

Every strong and vibrant nation in modern history has been built by visionaries whose patriotic hearts drove them to think beyond the confines of survival, people whose thoughts and actions challenged rigid conventional rules and stereotypical statuesque, people who knew the success and growth of their nation depends on their thoughts and actions towards building and making their nation what they thought it out to be. This is the type of people GAICAM wants to inspire and train through this Active Citizen project, awakening the spirit of patriotism and national consciousness, while enabling them build sustainable skills that will enable them achieve their full potentials. There is no doubt this project will greatly transform the lives of thousands of Cameroonians, promote peace and national unity and improve the economic wellbeing of the Cameroonian citizens and encourage growth.


Our preoccupation is to:

  • Significantly promote the spirit of patriotism and awaken national consciousness amongst youths, as well as educate them through workshops and seminars on the importance of national unity, good governance, and national cooperation in order to totally unite the nation against all forms of vices that disrupt national unity, peace and security, as well as hinder growth by 2020.
  • Improve the economic potentials of youths in our communities by 90% in the next five year, offering them gainful training through our capacity building seminars, workshops and others that seek to enable them skillfully prepare to undertake challenging entrepreneurial ventures for the sustainable growth of the nation.
  • Inspire, develop, and train the capacity of 5000 young Cameroonians in higher institutions of learning, secondary and high schools and senior primary schools in the next 2 years to fully exploit, innovate, and use their full potentials, while contributing to nation building and national growth.
  • Develop true ambassadors of peace, unity, and progress. Strong and vibrant youth population who will work tirelessly and stop at nothing until the nation attain its full capacity.



As an organization we cannot change the world, but together with your support we can change the future of the nation of Cameroon. We are fully committed to helping Cameroonian youths become more patriotic for their nation, build business oriented mindsets and sustainable skills that would enable them promote growth in Cameroon.

We are equally committed to working with other Cameroonian nation builder, peace and security activist, educationist, and all who truly share our vision and are ready to support our ongoing efforts to promote the spirit of Patriotism and awaken national consciousnesses in Cameroonian youths.

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