Areas of Interventions

  • Community development and the promotion of excellence
  • Conservation of biodiversity and environment protection
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development
  • Skills Acquisition and talent Development
  • Women and girl child empowerment
  • SEMs Financing and Support
  • Education and Health; basic

Our Activities

We reward hard work and excellence across Africa

via the our Impact awards; inspiring Africans to engage and participate actively in the social, economic and cultural development of their communities, inspiring others across the board to engage in productive, innovative and creativity initiatives to better the future of Africa and build the Africa we want.

We provide access to basic education and the improvement of the living conditions of orphans and needy children,

women and adolescent in venerable communities, and increasing their access to satisfactory primary health care services, including sexual and reproductive health care information, food security and awareness (hygiene, health, genital mutilation).

We promote Community Development in vulnerable community,

helping communities gain access to water supply and sanitation (e.g. wells, toilets, watering places), while engaging into agricultural projects (cultivation of agricultural products, animal husbandry) to fight hunger.

We participate actively in the conservation of biodiversity and protect environments against climate change through research, training, education, and community engagement.

We build bridges between investors and entrepreneurs, mobilizing and funding startup entrepreneurs

who are sourcing for seed capital to scale their businesses; improving on their productivity and boosting their revenue streams, while creating employment opportunities for the youths.

We constantly develop programs and projects which serve as a base for skills acquisition, talent and entrepreneurial development, and the promotion of women and girl child empowerment, reducing unemployment, crime waves, prostitution, rape cases, molestations and other social ills in different communities.

We support and provide university students access to the professional world

by annually organizing the GAIACM International Professional Internship program for university students who seek to validate their internship course as graduation requirement, while helping them build their capacity and professional careers.

We train and facilitating the grooming of community leaders, entrepreneurs and other professionals

from our annually programs such as the GAICAM Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship, Cameroon Emerging Young Leaders’ Program, Talent Festival, Business Summits, conferences and more.