Promoting Enterprise Creation as a tool to End Extreme Poverty and Build Sustainable Future for all

Promoting Youth Enterprise Creation to End Extreme Poverty

The Founders is an Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program and a Network of early-stage entrepreneurs and business persons. It is a program of GAICAM, committed to supporting early-stage founders, business persons and young people with business ideas who are seeking for business capacity building, business funding and an opportunity scale their entrepreneurial ideas/businesses to End Extreme Poverty.

The program is carefully designed to promote enterprise creation as a tool to End Extreme Poverty and build sustainable future for all. It seeks to provide participants with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs and businesses persons and to prevent them from diving into extreme poverty lines, which are causing many youths to result to joining crime groups that undermine the peace, security, and growth of the society.

We train and provide membership into “The Founder” network, where members continue to benefit from FREE mentorship and business coaching, exposing them to markets and networks while enabling them to scale their business ventures. We train and recommend early-stage entrepreneurs and viable business ideas to be funded by G-Fund, a GAICAM Community Initiative Fund. The recommended early-stage entrepreneurs and viable business ideas are seed-funded by G-Fund up to the tune of $1000 (600.000xaf).

Currently, we are looking for early stage entrepreneurs and young persons with business We believe in the possibility of ending extreme poverty and building a sustainable future for all. But this cannot be achieved if we fail to address challenges faced by the youths. That is why we designed this program, targeting early-stage founders/business persons and youths with viable business ideas. The program is structured to train and provide access to resources to scale their early-stage startups or start small businesses to enable them become successful entrepreneurs.

By supporting youths to start or scale their entrepreneurial ventures, we are helping them break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and providing them with opportunities to live their aspirations, and to contribute to the growth and development of their communities.

Our mission is that in the next 5 years, we would have trained support the launching/scaling of 5000 early-stage businesses in Cameroon and Africa. The Founders program is built using amplified models, consisting of tailored trainings, mentorship, meet-ups, funding, monitoring and evaluation, and more; good enough to scale any business idea. 

We have a reputation of turning ideas into visible ventures or helping entrepreneurs develop business plans and business viability reports which has helped in bringing many businesses to lamplight. If you have a business idea or currently has a small enterprise you wish to scale, then this program is ideal for you.

This program is carefully designed for youth between the ages of 15 and 35;

  • Who are founders
  • Who wants to graduate from extreme poverty
  • Who are struggling to scale their early-stage startups
  • Who desire to become entrepreneurs or start a small business
  • Who wants to convert their ideas into visible business ventures

To become a member of The Founders Network, you must fulfill the following conditions;

  • You must have attended the training of The Founders
  • You must pay a nonrefundable registration fee of 10,500xaf
  • You must be willing to be paying monthly administrative fee of 1500xaf

The program is carefully structured to run for two separate phases as follows.


  • Tailored business trainings
  • Business Market review
  • Business Review and Ideation
  • Business Planning and strategic branding
  • Business Pitching and a night with CEOs
  • Recommendation for funding


PHASE TWO (Optional):

  • Funding of recommended businesses
  • Monitoring and evaluations
  • Graduation out of poverty

The training will be hosted onsite in Yaoundé and online using different online learning tools such as Zoom and WhatsApp groups for a period of five days. Participants are free to take their training online or Onsite in Yaoundé. However, the business pitching session must be onsite in Yaoundé.

At the end of the training, all participants shall take part in a compulsory business pitching exercise before selected judges. Participants with viable business ideas or startups shall be shortlisted and recommended to benefit from seed business capital (micro-loan) from G-Fund.

However, each shortlisted beneficiary must open a compulsory account with G-Fund to be eligible for Funding.

Successful candidates who pitch and defend the viability of their business ideas or enterprises will have the opportunity to access business capital ranging from 50.000xaf to 500.000xaf

The program is partially FUNDED by GAICAM through G-Fund. Nevertheless, if selected to take part in the program, you will be required to pay a token registration fee as indicated below.

    • Registration Fee: 15.500xaf (Paid in full)
    • Official T-shit = 4000xaf (optional)
    • Membership into The Founders Network = 10500xaf (optional)
  • When the participant fail to create an account in G-Fund
  • When the participant fail to complete the 5 days training.
  • When the participant fail to submit their business plan for review.
  • When the participants fail to pitch their business idea.
  • When the pitched business or business idea is not viable for investment.

Contact us if you encounter any challenge

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