Walking down memory lane, one can observe that marriages lasted a lifetime and divorces didn’t even seem to be an option. Nowadays, despite the efforts of the government and other organizations to save the institution of marriage, many homes still face a lot of problems. It was in this light that the 1st edition of the “Men and Women without Blemish” conference was held under the theme “Rekindling Love and Romance in Relationships and Marriages”. GAICAM through this initiative intended to address issues such as poor communication, infidelity, loss of romance and lack of trust which are some of the problems plaguing marriages today.

Hosted at Eta Palace Hotel Buea, on the 26th June 2018, the conference targeted 20 couples and 20 singles from different communities to train them on how to sustain their relationships and have healthy marriages. GAICAM put brought together a team of qualified persons to speak to the participants and train them on the ways which they can rekindle their the flame of love, refresh romance, elucidate the mystery behind infidelity in marriages and the ways to establish effective communication between couples in order to build healthy homes and solid marriages and life lasting relationships.

By providing a question and answer session with the guest speakers, participants could get optimal counselling on the peculiar challenges and a change of pre-conceived notion of marriages and the following issues were discussed

  • The truth why people cheat in relationships/marriages and how that can be prevented.
  • How to sustain romance in marriages and relationships.
  • The common societal marriage/relationship related mistakes that have been affecting the growth of unions and encouraging breakups and divorces.
  • How to attract the right life partner and rebuild broken marriages and relationships
  • How to build and strengthen emotional capacities of couples.

 At the end of the conference, the participants were grateful for the knowledge received and were looking forward to the next edition of the conference.

To read the full 2018 GAICAM report, click on the link below to download the report.


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