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About Cameroon Heroes
Impact Award

GAICAM Impact Awards are special recognition of excellence and visible impact, awarded to Cameroonians and Cameroon-based institutions who have created real impact in their communities and Cameroon at large through positive contributions and engagements. It is annually organized by GAICAM and partners, with the aim to identify, encourage, promote and honor exceptional individuals, organizations, associations, public institutions, and corporate structures that have created economic value for the society, and have contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of their communities and the nation as a whole, as well as those who exemplify state values like; peace, unity, love and social cohesion.

Significance of the Awards

With regards to the fact that this award is purely focused on impact in our communities; sharing the untold stories of remarkable people and institutions contributing so immensely to the growth and development of our nation, we are very optimistic that this act of recognition will go a long way to spur up lots of initiatives and encourage participation to national growth, creating more job opportunities, reducing employment and crime wave in our various communities.

Why Everyone Needs
to Support the Award

  • The Cameroon Heroes Award is the pride of the men and women, as well as the institutions that are sacrificing lots to promote the growth and development of their communities.
  • The award recognition will significantly spur up lots of initiatives across the national frontiers, encouraging participation to national growth, while promoting the spirit of patriotism among Cameroonians, and creating more job opportunities, reducing unemployment and crime waves in our communities. It is a good avenue to drive development across the national frontiers; promoting sustainable peace and national growth.
  • The award helps to serve as a suitable avenue to promote partnership among institutions and the State, and in effect, help to boost the activities and programs of these institutions.
  • The Cameroon Heroes Award is a good tool to promoting peace and national cohesion across the national territory, especially as it may cause other Cameroonians to start emulating the works of the heroes.